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Recruitment Procedure


At Altair International we have spent decades collecting knowledge from client experiences, industry procedures and long term results and offer a streamlined recruitment process of unparalleled efficiency.

We take this process and apply it to individual needs, resulting in highly successful placements that last. This means we strike the correct balance between experience, credentials, leadership ability and personality in our candidates.

How it works

A team of expert recruiters will be designated as per the project requirement to submit required shortlisted resumes before or on time as per the schedule with the help of our exclusive databank, best available job portals, print media and also Head Hunting through our outsourcing representatives in various cities & industrial towns.

 Preliminary interviews / trade test will be conducted with the help of relevant field experts or consultants to provide the right candidate to the interview panel and to ensure that in limited time the best candidates are targeted.

One experienced executive exclusively will be assigned to maintain single point of contact who will be available at all times for prior & post planning of recruitment, rescheduling of interviews, deployment matters & to accompany throughout the recruitment campaign at every destinations of interview across the country with the delegates for conducting interviews, trade test with other supporting staff.

 Our office handles the expeditious processing of contract workers though appropriate government office in each country, including contracts verification, travel permits, passports processing otherwise preparing the workers legally and administratively for placement at a guaranteed minimum period of time.

At the client’s request, we handle airline reservations and booking of contract workers, utilizing its linkages with a number of reputable travel agencies affiliated with the IATA.

Contract workers need to be knowledgeable about government policies and social customs in the country of deployment. We provides orientation to them. Furthermore to facilitate the deployment of workers at the job-site, we send representative at the airport to assist them with airport and immigration formalities.

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